Fall Marketing: Why the Great Pumpkin Matters

Marketing your home in the fall months can present a great opportunity to take advantage of seasonal decorating. Summer is a no-brainer. You keep your yard trimmed and green, and the beds full of flowers. But fall is no reason to slack off. Everyone knows that drive up appeal is soooo important. Some of you may think Pumpkins are corny. I say they make people happy. We want to make the buyers happy. So pile on some seasonal goodness and add pumpkin love to your porch and walkways.

Denise Koval, Owner of Art That Grows has some additional gardening tips to keep your yard in tip top showing condition……

To keep your gardens looking their best this season follow these tips:

Rake leaves and discard or compost. Leaves in beds not only looks unkempt but harbors insects.

A fresh layer of compost 1” thick will feed the beds all winter.

Continue mowing the lawn every week for a clean “vacuumed” look and a caring finish. Mow at Maximum mower height. Leaves on the lawn promote fungus problems.

Prune unruly growth from shrubs for a natural look. Sculpt evergreens in a formal setting.

Annual color beds should be planted generously with ornamental kale, cabbages and pansies. A few snapdragons are fun but not as hardy.

Holiday décor is always appreciated. (See, I said Pumpkins were good)

Enjoy the Season! Love Your Garden!

Denise Koval

Art That Grows  artthatgrows.com

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3 Responses to Fall Marketing: Why the Great Pumpkin Matters

  1. Meredith Finney says:

    Great ideas! I know I certainly struggle with keeping my lawn looking good. I think I will get some pumpkins today.

  2. Ed Bernet says:

    Marsha – great blog, thanks for letting me know about it. You’re the greatest! And Denise’s message is interesting and timely…she’s done great work at our house several times and came up with some wonderful ideas to make the front of our house more beautiful! I love the way you did the comparisons below…easy to read and to understand, even for ME!

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