No More Tax Credits

People always ask when  the best time would be to sell their home. I’m a firm believer that you sell your home when the time is right for you. Sure things peak during the summer months, but did you notice that over 3000 homes sold in December of 2009? Homes sell 12 months a year. You can make an argument for increasing your chances in the peak months, but when selling your home don’t leave it to chance. Condition, staging, and pricing are the most important factors in how quickly your home sells.

On a different note, home sales statistics are going to appear to be declining through the end of the current year and probably the first half of 2011. But the picture is distorted because we are comparing numbers to those in 2009 when the government was stimulating the pants off the housing market. According to Dr. Mark Dotzour, the chief economist for the Real Estate Center at A&M, “The year-over-year decline in existing home sales will be the result of comparing months when there was no tax credit with those from a year earlier, when the tax credit was artificially increasing sales”. Thanks to Bryan Pope, from the Real Estate Center for the information!

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